Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation (continued...)

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When God was a Woman
Size 36 x 24"

Margaret Mead and other anthropologists have established that in the very early stages of man’s development, before the secret of human birth was understood, the female was revered as the giver of life.

In the Name of the Father
Size 34 x 40”

When the soul of a man is born in this country there are nets flung at it to hold it back from flight.  You talk to me of nationality, language, and religion.  I shall try to fly by those nets.
     Portrait of an Artist: James Joyce.

Before the Fall
Size 32 x 22"

End of Times
Size 38 x 49”
Sodom & Gomorrah: Lot Lied
Size 32 x 63"
Human Rights are Absolute
Size 30 x 58”
The Ecstasy of St. Teresa Revisited
Size 32 x 44”

Exhibition Reviews

“...The show’s point is not so much about academic concerns over comparative religions, linguistics or even theology, though all those disciplines are in play....The exhibition is more well knit by personal emotion and a unifying logic (metaphorically and suitably reflected by the works’ digital source), underpinned by her repeated theme that says language is a flawed vessel whose speakers are just as fallible in their quest for meaning as they are in their attempt to canonize--through sacred texts, in particular--the social biases of their era.”
Aaron Collins - Art Critic

“Lost in Translation” is rich in imagery---Throughout each of the digital prints, the calligraphy of words and the adaptation of classical imagery examine the frameworks that have forged the miscommunications and forgeries of contemporary life. The counterpoint of poetry acts as affirmation to life--celebrates love and the seasons of life. A stunning body of work that gives pause, challenges reexamination of the precepts that have created dissention and alienation for human-kind.”
Jacquelin Pilar - Fresno Art Museum Curator

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