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Selected work: 1986-2000
In these paintings, I have tried to reveal the varying degrees of intimacy in a woman’s experience.

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It’s All About the Apple
Size 48 x 60”
Rodin Revisited
Size 48 x 60”
The Visitation
Size 48 x 60”
Past Lives
Size 48 x 66”

Selected work: 1975-1986

Modern Madonna
Size 48 x 60"
The Dream
Size 48 x 60"
Bar Scene
Size 48 x 60”
Jesus Saves
Size 48 x 72”
Size 48 x 36”
Have you Heard?
Size 48 x 60"

“In the images--of old ladies gossiping, locked up in nursing homes clutching Teddy Bears, ladies playing sexual games in bars and dance halls, brooding in luxuriously furnished boudoirs--what comes across is the emptiness, and dreariness of these lives played out against the promises of youth, beauty, and middle class materialism.”
Robert Ewing - Critic and reviewer for Artweek Magazine, 1982

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